Crosskart & ATV

Do you like speed? If yes then you have to try crosskart. If somebody doesn't know then crosskart is an off-road kart. "Angry bugs" that make loud noise and move amazingly fast. The machine accelerates from 0 to 100 in 4 seconds. For me it was already a second time driving with one. This time... Continue Reading →

Nusa Lembongan

When I wrote about Bali I forgot to write about the island Nusa Lembongan. It is an island which is located southeast of Bali. We took a private snorkeling day trip to Nusa Lembongan when we stayed in Bali. It took us about 30 minutes to reach there with a ferry. For me the trip started bit... Continue Reading →

New York

I have never dreamed about New York. I have always enjoyed more to relax in the nature than to have a city vacation. Also for some reason I had an opinion that all big cities look the same. Contrary to me my boyfriends dream was to go to New York. So we decided to go.... Continue Reading →


Greece the land of Gods. We went there in September 2017. To be more precise we stayed on the island Evia, in Meteora area and visited the city of Athens. We stayed in Greece a bit over one week and in that time we had two different hotels. After arrival we rented a car from... Continue Reading →

Hot air balloon

Last year I got a hot air balloon flight for my birthday. First I thought that I definitely want to go in autumn because the nature will be full of colors and it must be beautiful. When the autumn arrived there were always so much to do that we just didn't find time to go.... Continue Reading →


Estonia is my home country and as I stay most of my time here I think it deserves to have its own category. Estonia is a very small country but still it has so much to write about. For example about its nature, adventures and places where to spend your time. So in this category... Continue Reading →


Why I chose to do a separate category about Finland? The reason is simple... Finland is like a second home to me and I just love the country so much. One reason is also that I partly live there and so I have more to write about it. Loe eesti keeles: Miks otsustasin teha Soomest... Continue Reading →


Oh I love Norway. There is just so beautiful nature. I guess the only minus is that the summer is too short. We went there in June 2017. Our aim was to go to Trolltunga and Kjeragbolten and we did both. Our trip lasted for 10 days. We started from Tallinn and went to Stockholm... Continue Reading →


  So Bali... the magical island where everybody wants to go. We went to Bali in April 2017. I waited this so much because it was my first trip outside Europe and of course I had read so much good about Bali. Let's start from the beginning. We stayed in Bali for two weeks and... Continue Reading →

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