Restaurant Farang

Restaurant Farang is located in the premises of the contemporary art museum Kunsthalle Helsinki (Ainonkatu 3, 00100 Helsinki). It is a place that offers unique and genuine Southeast Asian flavors. Me and my boyfriend have now been there twice and both times we came away with full stomach and smiley face. The food is just so... Continue Reading →

Flow Festival

The one festival which won my heart right from the first day. If someone doesn't know then Flow Festival is an urban music and arts festival. It is 3 days full on music, good food, fun people, art and if you are lucky then nice weather. The festival takes place in August in Suvilahti, Helsinki. Suvilahti cultural... Continue Reading →


Why I chose to do a separate category about Finland? The reason is simple... Finland is like a second home to me and I just love the country so much. One reason is also that I partly live there and so I have more to write about it. Loe eesti keeles: Miks otsustasin teha Soomest... Continue Reading →

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