This post won’t be very long and maybe not the most informative. The reason is very simple, we stayed in Moscow only for one weekend and as it was our work trip we didn’t have enough time to explore the city. Moscow is very big and I think we saw only one little part of... Continue Reading →

Northern Italy

Italy is definitely one of the best places where to spend your holiday. I just love Italy! I have been in Italy 4 times now but I still would go back there any time. Our car trip to Italy was at the end of august and we spent there two weeks. One week we stayed in... Continue Reading →


Ireland was a country that caused dual feelings in me. I knew that the nature there is beautiful and there are some places (not many) I would like to go but I always thought that the weather there is bad all the time. As I want to travel everywhere I decided that we have to... Continue Reading →


We went to Paris for a weekend in May. I know it was already a long time ago but I have had so busy times at work that I just haven’t found the time to write. But now you can read about my trip to Paris and then about Ireland. At the end of August... Continue Reading →


The last trip from 2017. We visited Austria in December 2017. To be precise we visited 2 places in Austria. The first one was Hallstatt which is one of the World Heritage Sites in Austria. Hallstatt is known for its production of salt. So you can find different kind on salt productions in every shop... Continue Reading →


Architecture, art, music, events, history - this is Berlin. We visited Berlin in December 2017 and for me it was a second time there. We stayed in a hotel called 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin. It is a very modern and funky place in the city center. If you are choosing a hotel for your staying you... Continue Reading →


Greece the land of Gods. We went there in September 2017. To be more precise we stayed on the island Evia, in Meteora area and visited the city of Athens. We stayed in Greece a bit over one week and in that time we had two different hotels. After arrival we rented a car from... Continue Reading →


Oh I love Norway. There is just so beautiful nature. I guess the only minus is that the summer is too short. We went there in June 2017. Our aim was to go to Trolltunga and Kjeragbolten and we did both. Our trip lasted for 10 days. We started from Tallinn and went to Stockholm... Continue Reading →

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