Marrakech to Sahara

On our stay in Marrakech we took a three day trip to the desert. There are many companies that offer that kind of trip and so it wasn't very easy to choose. We decided that we want a private tour and we took a tour through Marrakech Desert Trips. So what does the 3-day desert tour... Continue Reading →


I have so many different feelings about our trip to Marrakech. You will understand if you continue reading.  We bought the plane tickets about half a year back because the price was good and as we have never been to Morocco we thought why not. Also one of my colleagues said that she really liked... Continue Reading →

Experiences in Zanzibar

In this topic I will write about our Zanzibar tours and experiences. First tour that we took in Zanzibar was snorkeling tour to Mnemba atoll. Mnemba Island is a popular scuba diving site, with a wide variety of corals and associated species, as well as occasional sightings of larger species such as turtles and dolphins. Calm conditions are... Continue Reading →

Hotels in Zanzibar

 Hotels in Zanzibar can be very different, depending on how much you are willing to pay. On our trip we stayed in three different hotels. Our first hotel was Villa Kiva, which was located in a very quiet village Matemwe. Our room had a terrace from where you can watch the ocean and relax. Watch a little... Continue Reading →


JAMBO! That is what the locals will say to you first and after that of course KARIBU. First word means hello and the second one means welcome. So welcome to read my story about Zanzibar. Zanzibar island is a semi-autonomous region of Tanzania in East Africa. Zanzibar historic center is Stone Town which is a... Continue Reading →

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