Paraty, Brazil

Brazil- our first place to visit in South-America and definitely not the last one especially considering our impressions about the journey. This trip wasn’t exactly like we planned because the plan was to go with our friends and have a fun trip but it turned out that we went there just the two of us and we made it more like a relax vacation but of course we did some fun things too 🙂

When I started to write my post about Brazil I understood that there is just too much photos and things to share that one post will be too long and so I decided to make 3 instead of one. This is the first one- Paraty, Brazil. After that there will come Rio de Janeiro and Iguazu Falls.

Rio de Janeiro
Iguazu Falls

But lets start now with the Paraty. We flew to Rio de Janeiro from Helsinki and had one stop in Frankfurt. The trip was around 13 hours but what was good was the starting time. Our flight went around 6 o’clock in the evening and we arrived to Rio de Janeiro at 5 am. For us it was very good because our first stay was near Paraty and to there it was bit more than 4 hours drive. We rented a car because it was cheaper to go with that than to go with a bus and this way we could drive around near Paraty also. You can drive there in two ways- on the coast or along inland. We chose the inland for going and the coast for coming. The road was very nice and we really enjoyed the driving part. We had a little Hyundai HB20 which costed around 31€ a day.

In Paraty we stayed in a hotel called Casa Mar Paraty and this place was just amazing. We loved every minute there!

This place itself was 12 kilometres from the Paraty city centre and I think that is the thing that made this place so special- the location. The hotel is quite small and so you never have lots of people there. In the hotel there is a eating possibility but there is no restaurant. They have a small menu and you can choose from there, for example toasts or pasta. They also have a honesty bar where you can make your own cocktails and you pay when you are leaving. I think I really loved everything about that hotel- privacy, staff, breakfast, interior design and so on.

As you make your own cocktails there you have to know how to make them and so the first thing we did when we arrived was a caipirinha. In Brazil they do it with a special alcohol called cachaça and with that goes chopped fresh limes, crushed with sugar and ice. It is really good and I guess because of that we drank it almost every day. If I remember correctly the cocktails costed 5-7€.

As the main ingredient in caipirinha is cachaça we wanted to know more about that and of course to have one too. Because of that we went to visit one cachaça distillery called Cachaça Maria Izabel, where we could hear how they make it and also try cachaças of different ages. There is also a shop from where you can buy all the different types. We bought the regular one with the age of two years and that costed 20€.

While staying in Paraty we didn’t do much driving because we just wanted to relax, read some books and enjoy the hot weather. One reason was of course that we liked our hotel very much and so we wanted to stay there as much as we could. The hotel situated on the top of a small hill and down from the hill was Praia Grande, a little village with some eating places. We visited two of them- Quiosque SĂŁo Francisco and Restaurante Praia Grande Paraty. Both of them have an ocean view but Quiosque SĂŁo Francisco is right on the beach.

Road to the beach
Quiosque SĂŁo Francisco

Although Quiosque SĂŁo Francisco was on the beach I think I liked Restaurante Praia Grande Paraty more. There we ate one dinner and one lunch on my birthday. As mostly they don’t speak English we let them to surprise us.

This was my birthday lunch – a huge pot of seafood pasta. Delicious!

I guess the prices were similar with European prices or little bit cheaper. For example starters were from 6 € to 14 € and mains mostly started with 14€. The overall food experience in Brazil was very good. We could try some new things for example acai berry ice-cream and acerola cherry. As there are so many nationalities living together the food culture is also very mixed. One nice experience with food was also in the Paraty city centre where we tried the bubble waffle.

One this kind of bubble waffle costed little bit less than 5€. There where some different options about the filling. The shop also sells different kinds of ice cream without the waffle.

Besides the eating places there were two beaches near our hotel. In Praia Grande there is a beach but not for swimming because it is full of boats. 5 minutes walk from Praia Grande leads you to the most beautiful beach I have ever seen- Prainha beach.

Praia Grande
Road to Prainha beach

On the beach there is also a cafe from where you can buy drinks and some snacks. There is also a possibility to rent chairs and an umbrella. It costed around 5 € for all day. On the first day when we went there we were very lucky because we were basically the only people there. It wasn’t like that on the weekend because it was full then. I really liked the beach because it was so clean and of course the water was very warm.

Most of our days we went to the beach or stayed in our hotel reading a book or just enjoying the pool. As I have mentioned already before we really liked our hotel and the views from there and so we just loved to relax there. What we also liked was that you can take the hotels kayaks and go explore the surroundings. It is amazing to ride along the coast and see some white sand beaches in front of the jungle.

Although we stayed most of the time in our hotel we still explored little bit, for example we visited a Paraty city centre. Paraty has become a tourist destination, known for the historic town and the coast and mountains in the region. The village of Paraty was founded in 1597. Paraty has been able to maintain many of its historic buildings. Much of the architecture of the city has not changed for 250 years or more.

Paraty is known for the cobblestone-paved streets throughout the Historic Center District. No cars or trucks are allowed in this part of town, only foot traffic or bicycles. Horses and carts are a very common sight in Paraty and are frequently used all around the city.

In Paraty you will find several eating places, souvenire shops but mostly it is just nice to go walking there. You can book a walking tour with the guide who will tell you about the history and the houses. There is also a possibility to take a boat trip and they sure know how to make their boat colourful.

Our stay in Paraty was wonderful. How could we not love it if we had an amazing hotel, a perfect beach and nice weather. Every morning you will have hot cheese balls, freshly pressed orange juice, fruits and so much more. Every morning there is a marvellous sunrise. I just don’t know what else to want.

Actually there is one thing more to want- no mosquitoes. These little things are horrible and the worst part about them is that they are so small that you never see them. The bites itches badly several days. It is really wise to use some protection even if you don’t see any of them and think that maybe there is none- there are! These kind of mosquitoes are very common in Paraty and Ilha Grande.

But as I don’t want to end this post with a negative photo I just put one nice one at the end.



Loe eesti keeles:

Brasiilia- meie esimene kord LĂ”una-Ameerikas, kuid arvestades meie emotsioone sellelt reisilt, siis kohe kindlasti mitte viimane kord. Kuigi meie reis ei olnud pĂ€ris selline nagu me plaanisime, siis kokkuvĂ”ttes jĂ€ime sellega ikkagi vĂ€ga rahule. Nimelt oli algselt plaan minna koos sĂ”pradega ning teha ĂŒks lĂ”bus ja seiklusterohke reis, kuid tulemuseks oli see, et lĂ€ksime ikkagi kahekesi ning puhkus oli pigem lÔÔgastav kui vĂ€ga tegus.

Alustasin meie Brasiilia loo kirjutamist suure hurraaga, aga siis mĂ”istsin, et materjali, mida siia lisada tahaksin, on vĂ€ga palju. Selleks, et mu postitus liiga pikale aga ei veniks, otsustasin lĂŒĂŒa meie reisi kolmeks osaks. Esimene saab siis oleme praegune postitus ehk Paraty, Brazil, teine Rio de Janeiro ja kolmas Iguazu Falls.

Rio de Janeiro
Iguazu Falls

NĂŒĂŒd siis aga meie reisi esimese osa ehk Paraty juurde. Meie teekond Rio de Janeirosse sai alguse Helsingist ja kestis kokku ligikaudu 13 tundi. Lend oli ĂŒhe ĂŒmberistumisega Frankfurdis. VĂ€ga positiivne sĂ”idu juures olid lennuajad, sest alustasime Helsingist kella 18 ajal ja jĂ”udsime Riosse hommiku kella 5 ajal. Ühest kĂŒljest oli öine lend hea, sest saime terve öö lennukis ilusasti puhata ja teiseks olime vara kohal ning saime kohe alustada oma 4 tunnist sĂ”itu Paratysse. Liikumiseks kasutasime taaskord rendiautot, sest nii tuli lihtsalt kokku odavam kui bussiga minna ja see andis meile ka vĂ”imaluse Paraty ĂŒmbruses lihtsamini ringi liikuda. Meie rendiautoks oli Hyundai hb20, mis maksis umbes 31€ pĂ€ev.

Riost Paratysse on vÔimalik sÔita kas mööda rannikut vÔi sisemaalt. Me otsustasime minekul sisemaa kasuks ja tagasi tulime rannikult. Kuna Brasiilia loodus on vÀga kena, siis kindlasti soovitan ka mööda sisemaad sÔita.

Paratys ööbisime hotellis Casa Mar Paraty ja see koht oli lihtsalt suurepÀrane. Me nautisime iga hetke seal!

Hotell asus 12 kilomeetri kaugusel Paraty linnast ja just asukoht oligi see, mis muutis selle hotelli nii heaks. Kuna tegemist on ĂŒsna vĂ€ikese hotelliga, siis ei olnud seal kunagi probleemi, et inimesi oleks liiga palju. Hotellis ei ole kĂŒll otseselt restorani ega baari, kuid neil on olemas menĂŒĂŒ, mille jĂ€rgi saad omale mĂ”ningasi asju tellida nagu nĂ€iteks vĂ”ileibu vĂ”i pastat. Baari kĂŒll ei ole, kuid jooke saab ikkagi ja nad ise kutsuvad seda aususe baariks. PĂ”himĂ”te on siis see, et igaĂŒks teeb ise omale joogi ning paneb selle kirja ja maksab siis lĂ”puks vĂ€lja registreerimisel. Meile vist meeldis selle hotelli puhul tĂ”esti kĂ”ik- privaatsus, töötajad, hommikusöök, sisekujundus jne.

Kuna igaĂŒks teeb omale kokteile ise, siis on nad rÔÔmuga nĂ”us sind alguses Ă”petama ja seega meie esimeseks tegevuseks saabudes (kell 12) oligi caipirinhade valmistamine. Brasiilias tehakse seda spetsiaalse alkoholiga cachaça, millele lisaks on siis tĂŒkeldatud ja pressitud vĂ€rske laim, suhkur ning jÀÀ. See on tĂ”eliselt mĂ”nus ja vĂ€rskendav ning ilmselt me sellepĂ€rast seda peaaegu iga pĂ€ev jĂ”ime ka. Kui ma Ă”igesti mĂ€letan, siis kokteilid maksid 5-7€.

Kuna caipirinha pĂ”hiliseks koostisosaks on kohalik cachaça, siis tahtsime selle joogi kohta rohkem teada saada ning loomulikult ka endale ĂŒhe osta. SellepĂ€rast otsustasimegi kĂŒlastada cachaça destilleerimisvabrikut, mille nimeks oli Cachaça Maria Izabel. Meile tehti vĂ€ike tuur, rÀÀgiti valmistamisest ning seejĂ€rel oli vĂ”imalik proovida erineva vanusega
cachaçasid. Tuur ise ei maksnud midagi ja pudel kanget (kĂ”ige tĂŒĂŒpilisemat 2 aastast) maksis 20€.

Paratys viibides oli meie peamiseks eesmĂ€rgiks puhata, raamatuid lugeda ja sooja ilma nautida ja seega me vĂ€ga palju ringi ei sĂ”itnud. Sellele aitas kaasa muidugi ka see, et meie hotell oli nii mĂ”nus, et ei tahtnudki kuhugile edasi minna. Hotell paiknes ĂŒhe vĂ€ikese kĂŒnka otsas ja kĂŒnka jalamil asus Praia Grande, vĂ€ike kalurikĂŒla, kust leiab ka mĂ”ned söögikohad. Meie kĂŒlastasime kahte nendest- Quiosque SĂŁo Francisco ja Restoran Praia Grande Paraty. MĂ”lemal neist on ookeanivaade, kuid Quiosque SĂŁo Francisco restoranis olles saad varbad lausa liiva pista.

Tee hotellist randa
Quiosque SĂŁo Francisco

Ma arvan, et meile meeldis rohkem restoran Praia Grande Paraty natukene rohkem isegi kui teine oli otse rannas. Seal kĂ€isime kahel korral, ĂŒks Ă”htusöök ning ĂŒks sĂŒnnipĂ€eva lĂ”una. Kuna inglise keelt nad vĂ€ga ei valda ja suhtlus kĂ€is lĂ€bi telefoni tĂ”lkeprogrammi, siis lasime neil ennast lihtsalt toidu osas ĂŒllatada.

Minu sĂŒnnipĂ€eva lĂ”una – hiiglaslik pott mereanni pastaga. Ülimalt maitsev!

Ma ĂŒtleks, et hinnad olid sarnased Euroopa omadega vĂ”i siis natukene odavamad. Eelroogade hinnad jĂ€id nĂ€iteks 6 ja 14 € vahele ja pearoad pigem algasid 14 € juurest. Üldine toiduelamus oli vĂ€ga positiivne. Saime proovida ka mĂ”nda uut asja nagu nĂ€iteks acai marjadest valmistatud jÀÀtist ja acerola kirsse. Kuna Brasiilias on rahvastik vĂ€ga kirju, sest aegade jooksul on sinna kolinud vĂ€ga palju eri rahvusi, siis annab see tunda ka nende toidukultuuris. Ühe magusa toiduelamuse saime veel nĂ€iteks Paraty linnas, kus proovisime mullivahvlit jÀÀtise ja muude kaunistustega.

Üks selline magustoit maksis natuke vĂ€hem kui 5€. Valikus oli 5 erinevat tĂ€idist ja samuti sai sealt osta veel jÀÀtist ka ilma vahvlita.

Kui nĂŒĂŒd söögi teemad kĂ”rvale jĂ€tta, siis tasub rÀÀkida ka rannast. Hotelli ĂŒmbruses oli 2 randa, millest ĂŒhes sai ujuda, kuid teises mitte vĂ”i noh vĂ€hemalt ei soovitatud. Esimene rand oli Praia Grande, mis peamiselt oli paatide hoidmiseks, kuid sealt kĂ”igest 5 minuti jalutuskĂ€igu kaugusel asus ilusaim rand, mida eales nĂ€inud olen- Prainha.

Praia Grande
Tee Prainha randa

Prainha rannas asus ka kohvik, kust oli vĂ”imalik endale soetada jooke ja mĂ”ningaid kergemaid sööke. Samuti oli rannas vĂ”imalus rentida omale terveks pĂ€evaks toolid ja pĂ€ikesevari ning seda kĂ”ike 5 € eest. Esimesel pĂ€eval, kui randa lĂ€ksime, olime seal praktiliselt kahekesi terve aja, kuid nii hĂ€sti enam jĂ€rgmistel pĂ€evadel ei lĂ€inud. NĂ€dalavahetusel oli see korralikult rahvast tĂ€is. Ranna muutis eriliseks seda ĂŒmbritsev loodus ja muidugi ka puhtus ning mĂ”nusalt soe vesi.

Enamus ajast olime seega kas rannas vĂ”i oma hotellis basseini nautimas vĂ”i raamatuid lugemas. Nagu ma ka juba korduvalt öelnud olen, siis meile tĂ”esti meeldis see hotell ja eriti sealne vaade ookeanile. VĂ€ga positiivne oli muidugi ka vĂ”imalus kasutada hotelli kajakke. SĂ”itsime nendega mööda rannikut ja oli vĂ€ga lahe vaadata kuidas keset lopsakat dĆŸunglit on lihtsalt inimtĂŒhjad kollased liivarannad.

Kuigi enamus aega sai veedetud hotellis vĂ”i selle ĂŒmbruses, siis natuke sĂ”itsime ikkagi ringi ka. Loomulikult kĂ€isime Ă€ra Paraty linnas, mis on ĂŒheks peamiseks turistide sihtkohaks sealses piirkonnas ja seda tĂ€nu oma ajaloolisele keskusele, rannikule ja mĂ€gedele. Linn rajati 1597. aastal. Linna teevadki kuulsaks sealsed majad, mida on suudetud muutumatuna hoida ĂŒle 250 aasta.

Paraty ongi kuulus oma munakiviteede tÔttu, mis looklevad lÀbi vanalinna. Autodega liiklemine on keelatud ja seega on ainukeseks vÔimaluseks kas jalutamine, jalgrattad vÔi ka hobukaarikud. Hobustega linnas liikumine ei ole midagi ebatavalist.

Paratys nagu ka muudest turistide poolt armastatud kohtadest leiab mitmeid söögikohti ja suveniiripoode, kuid huvitavaim osa on siiski seal linnas jalutamine. VÔimalus on loomulikult vÔtta omale ka giid, kes rÀÀgib nii ajaloost kui ka arhitektuurist. Lisaks leiab linnast vÀga palju vÔimalusi paadireisideks ja valikus on vÀga palju erinevaid ning vÀrvilisi paate.

Meie esimene osa reisist oli suurepĂ€rane ja kuidas see ka oleks saanud olla midagi muud, kui meil oli suurepĂ€rane hotell, ilus rand ja soe ilm. Igal hommikul ootasid meid soojad juustupallid ja kĂŒpsetised, vĂ€rskelt pressitud apelsinimahl, puuviljad ja veel palju muud. Igal hommikul avanes hotellist imeline vaade pĂ€ikesetĂ”usule. Ega ei oskagi midagi vĂ€ga rohkemat tahta.

No muidugi kui nĂŒĂŒd pĂ€ris aus olla, siis ikka ĂŒhte asja oskaks tahta kĂŒll- et sÀÀski poleks. Need pisikesed vereimejad on lihtsalt Ă”udus. Esiteks on nad nii pisikesed, et sa isegi ei mĂ€rka, et nad olemas on. Teiseks sĂŒgelevad need punnid pĂ€evi. Sellised sÀÀsed pidid Paraty ja Ilha Grande piirkonnas vĂ€ga tĂŒĂŒpilised olema ja seega tuleb vĂ€ga ohtralt sÀÀsetĂ”rjevahendit kasutada. Me ka kasutasime, aga ilmselgelt mitte piisavalt!

Kuna ma ei taha postitust nii halva noodiga lĂ”petada, siis panin siia lĂ”petuseks ĂŒhe pildi veel Paraty paatidest.

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